from my sketchbook: the wolfman

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Earlier this week, I was alerted to a contest at the website Ain’t It Cool News, from my friend steeveedee. The contest is to promote the upcoming release of “The Wolfman”, a remake of the classic Universal horror movie starring Lon Chaney Jr.  The challenge is to submit an illustration of  The Wolfman in any form or situation. Interestingly, steeveedee knew where to turn, as I have done illustrations featuring variations on the Wolfman in the past. (They can be seen HERE and HERE and HERE, although THIS ONE is a stretch and probably doesn’t count.)

I decided to do a new illustration just for the occasion. Usually, when I start a new drawing, I gather reference photos to help with poses or with capturing the likeness of a famous person. This time, since I have seen the original film so many times (and it is my favorite of the Universal movie monsters), I did this portrait from memory. I will submit it today.
Mama said 'There's something strange about Billy'



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