from my sketchbook: dress for success

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I am no better and neither are you/We're all the same whatever we do/You love me you hate me/You know me and then/Still can't figure out the bag I'm in
What if super hero costumes were just another option for everyday clothing — available to everyone?

I guess super heroes would seem less super.




  1. Um, I don’t mean to state the obvious here, but most super hero costumes don’t *ahem* leave much to the imagination. There’s a very short list of people I would actually like to see in such revealing attire…and I am not on it.

  2. I my years of teaching Pre-School, many of my days were filled with time spent tying on capes, taking off utility belts, asking that masks be put away until recess, etc. I am sure that those kids might still be wearing superhero garb! I even know a boy who wore a Super Mario costume every day after school. Fantasy is a good thing!!

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