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The challenge word this week on sugarfrostedgoodness.com is “star trek”.
get a life.
I was never much of a Star Trek fan. I was five years-old when the original series premiered. I’ve seen it, on and off, in reruns for years. I have seen a few of the movies. I just never “got it”.
Whenever I hear “Star Trek” mentioned, I am reminded of an article by Gilbert Gottfried (yes, that Gilbert Gottfried) that appeared in National Lampoon Magazine years ago. The article was titled “How Not to Get Laid”. Gilbert listed the three places that a person had absolutely no chance what-so-ever of getting laid.
1. Any Star Trek convention
2. The lobby of any Star Trek convention
3. Anywhere within a ten block radius of any Star Trek convention.

….and only a true Star Trek fan will point out my error.




  1. Not a huge Trek fan, but had a friend who was.

    And I made this observation: You know who gets laid at a Star Trek Convention? Any female Star Trek Fan. These are quite rare, but they have the pick of the litter. All she’s gotta do is walk up to anyone wearing a latex forehead appliance and a jumpsuit sewn by mom from a 30-year old Simplicity sewing pattern purchased on eBay for $200 (mint, still in the original packaging!) and give the word. 10 minutes later she’s helped a boy become a man… or at least got him giving serious thought to finally graduating from Community College and moving out of mom’s basement.

    If a girl can’t get laid at a Star Trek Convention she should really consider becoming a nun.

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