Monday Artday: thirst

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The Monday Artday challenge this week is “thirst”.
I'm putting on my top hat, tying on my white tie...
I love old jokes and this week’s challenge word made me think of a great old joke.
A guy is crawling through the desert, crying for water. “Water! Water!” he cries. He sees a figure ahead in the desert and he crawls towards it. It’s a man.
“Water! Please! I need water!,” the guy cries to the man.
The man says “I don’t have any water, but I have some beautiful neckties.”
“NECKTIES!”, the guy screams, “I need WATER! WATER! I don’t want a tie!” ― and he crawls off.
The guy comes across another man in the desert. “Water! Please! I need water!,” the guy pleads to the man.
“Well, I don’t have any water, but I have some ties. Look at these great ties.” the man says.
“Again with the TIES!?,” the guy cries, “I don’t need any ties! I NEED WATER! WATER!!”
“I got ties,” the man says. The guy, disgusted, crawls off.
Just over a sand dune, the guy comes upon a huge restaurant ― right in the middle of the desert!  He struggles to crawl up the front steps of the restaurant, pleading for water. A maître d’ in a tuxedo is standing at the doorway. “Please,” the guy says, “Please! I need water!”
The maître d’ looks down at him and says “I’m sorry. I can’t let you in without a tie.”




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