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The extended challenge currently on sugarfrostedgoodness.com is “chocolate
the great american right cross
One of my favorite books is The Emperors of Chocolate” by Joel Glenn Brenner. Ms. Brenner’s book reads like a cold war novel. It is brimming with intrigue, double-crossing, espionage, technology and, best of all, chocolate. Ms. Brenner chronicles the rivalry between eccentric Milton S. Hershey and even-more eccentric Forrest Mars Sr.
Hershey, a two-time failure at the caramel business, started manufacturing chocolate in central Pennsylvania. In no time, Hershey was supplying the chocolate to 95% of the nation’s candy companies. Forrest Mars, who was carrying on his family’s candy company, manufactured his father’s Milky Way candy bars. Milky Way, at the time, was the most popular candy bar in the country. But Mars resented using his competition’s chocolate in his candy. Mars decided to make his own chocolate instead of buying it from Hershey. He visited Hershey’s manufacturing plant, along with common tourists. Forrest Mars holds the record for factory tours at Hershey.
In Spain, in the 1930s, Mars discovered a hard-candy shell filled with chocolate. He showed his new discovery to Hershey, who was amused by it, but not impressed. Mars offered the son of Hershey president, William Murrie, a job with his company. Mars needed an “in” at Hershey to get closer to the manufacturing secrets, and the younger Murrie was it. He even named his new candy-coated chocolate creation M & Ms, for Mars and Murrie.
Mars and Hershey tried to outdo each other for years. Their once-cordial business relationship turned bitter. The introduction of new products seemed to be less for the consumer and more for their enmity.




  1. What a funny coincidence Josh! I spent all day yesterday in Hershey PA, where the street lamps are shaped like giant Hershey’s Kisses, the aroma of cocoa fills the air, Elvis Presley is featured on a new version of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, giant Twizzlers Licorice charaters chased me around the candy shop, and chocolate milk is the beverage of choice. Every where you look notoriously bitter tasting Hershey Chocolate products are made, sold, eaten, demonstrated, sung about, given away, and made into icons of Pop Culture as well as merchandise for the masses. Why I even heard that the Log Flume ride in HersheyPark is actually a giant KitKat bar that floats you in a river of Chocolate Syrup!! A sweet time was had by all. Don’t eat all the goodies I brough for you in one day!! Mrs. P

  2. You have been misinformed young man. The actual reason for closing the Hershey Chocolate Factory Tour to the general public was not due to Mr Mars’ frequent visits. It was actually due to a young girl, who shall remain anonymous, who was found swimming in the Chocolate Conching Machine. Our production line was halted while the lass was rescued and de-chocofied. Needless to say this was not an event that we wanted to be repeated. She was recently seen in our Niagara Falls Canada retail store and a staff member overheard her telling tales of her sticky adventure. If you are able to inform us of her current location, we would like to send her to visit the Mars plant. M.S. Hershey

  3. Hello Josh. As you know, violence never solves anything. Not even the Chocolate Wars. Perhaps one day, when Hershey & Mars finally merge with a partnership agreement, we can look forward to Reese’s Peanut Butter cups that don’t melt in your hands. It could happen!
    San Georgio Pasta
    Friendly’s Restaurants
    Peter Paul
    Artisan Confections Company
    Mauna Loa Macadamia Nut Corporation
    Leaf North America
    Heath Brothers
    And lest we forget the partnerships with Cadbury Schweppes as well as Societe Des Produits Nestle & Rowntree Products

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