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The challenge this week at illustration friday is “visitors
ohmygod! pins!
My family and I just returned from a week-long vacation at Disneyland in California. After going to Walt Disney World in Florida for eleven different trips, we have switched to Disneyland for the past four summers. The biggest difference between the two theme parks is Disneyland attracts more Southern Californians and Walt Disney World attracts more of these people. The Hawaiian shirt wearing, camera carrying, guide-map reading, pasty “vistors”.
When I was a kid, we only saw these types at the Jersey shore. We called them “shoobies”, because they made day-trips to the beach and carried their belongings in a shoebox. Now, they have branched out and they can be found at every major tourist destination.
The locals know they are visitors. They stand out like a bucket hat-wearing sore thumb.




  1. Near the central Jersey shore we call ’em Benny’s. Some examples of their behavior from wiki (and obviously these need to be updated as tokens are no longer used on the Parkway):

    Stereotypical Behavior

    * Asking for directions back to the Parkway
    * Asking for directions to the beach
    * Wearing sneakers or socks with sandals on the beach
    * Quickly acquiring a full-body sunburn
    * Crowding the stores and restaurants and generally making life difficult for year-round residents.
    * Asking for change for a dollar in quarters and dimes for use on the parkway tolls.
    * Having a “farmer’s tan” or “t-shirt tan”
    * Getting in the way of surfers or body boarders in the ocean.
    * Getting into arguments and sometimes even fights with locals
    * Talking with a distinct New York or North(east) Jersey accent
    * Calling the beach “the shore”
    * Although looked down upon, they typically tip better than the locals.
    * Are known to say, “I own this town.”
    * Arriving on Memorial Day and leaving on Labor Day.

    There are a number of anti-Benny phrases around the shore, with the most popular one being “Benny Go Home!”[1]

    There are two songs describing a stereotypical Benny one is titled “I’m A Benny” by Mike Mullane.[2] the other is “Seaside Tony” by 7minds [3]


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