Monday Artday: JPiC trading card

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limited edition of one in a series of one

Collect ’em all! Trade with your friends! Stick ’em in the spokes of your bicycle! They’re loads of fun! Kids love ’em!




  1. Hi Josh. This is the rare last card needed for my complete set of Famous Artists Cards. I have been trying to get one “off eBay” for months! No such luck. Any chance of getting a signed one…gem mint 10? Mrs. P

  2. Hmmm….looks like the card that the stick of bubble gum used to always to get stuck to in a baseball card pack. Finally my collection will be complete. But why is this card not listed on the checklist cards? Maybe it’s like the Clash not listing Train In Vein on London Calling.

    Oddly, everytime I view this page my smoke alarms go off. Must be the flaming hair.

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