1. 1) Your “please add” thing made me now feel stupid. Good job on that one… I indeed can not add.

    2) I have scheduled a post on Solve Unamusement about one of my favorite jokes being “Got Any Grapes”, Which will post at 1:00AM as per most of my posts, but I wanted to tell you now.

    3) Still love that/this joke!

    4) Okay, I’m done now… hope you don’t make me feel stupid again with “2 + 3”. Its five, right? O.o XD

  2. hahahahahahahahahahahah….you are a riot Josh!!! I love this piece…that duck is hilarious….what a quack!!!

    you sure have a great sense of humour…and to think I thought you were always so serious….

    Have a wonderful night!!!

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