IF: clumsy 2

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This week’s challenge word on the Illustration Friday website is “clumsy”.
This is the second illustration I’ve done for this topic. HERE is the first.
I was working in the lab late one night when my eyes beheld an eerie sight
There is an unwritten rule among laboratory workers and those who carry out experiments. NO EATING IN THE LAB! Alexander Graham Bell’s famous words weren’t “Watson, come here! I need you! And bring me a sandwich!” Thomas Edison didn’t invent the incandescent light bulb so he could better see his barbecued brisket. If only Vladimir Likhonos, a young chemistry student from the Ukraine, had followed that simple rule.

25 year-old Vladimir was fond of chewing gum and had gotten into the habit of dipping his gum into citric acid to prolong the flavor. Vladimir was working with some volitile chemicals in a lab. He had two similar looking plates before him. One contained powdered citric acid and one contained a powdered form of an extremely powerful explosive. Vladimir dipped his gum into one of the plates and popped it into his mouth. The combination of his chewing and his saliva caused a reaction and — BOOM! — Vladimir had dipped his gum into the wrong plate.

Emergency workers found Vladimir dead, with his bottom jaw blown off and most of the lower part of his face gone.




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