inktober52: elephant

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It appears, after more than a decade, Illustration Friday ( has packed it in. After failing to post a weekly prompt time and time again, the link (as you will see) now goes right to Illustration Age, the website that hosts the former illustration challenge. I was a regular contributor to Illustration Friday, having never missed a week since 2006. I have 662 posts on my blog tagged “IF.”

Inktober, another illustration website, offers a daily drawing challenge during the month of October. I have participated in the Inktober challenge for a few years now… on my own terms (because I do everything on my own terms). Because I was submitting to Illustration Friday and my own Dead Celebrity Spotlight, I limited my work for Inktober to a weekly submission. Well, just this year, Inktober introduced “Inktober 52.” They are posting a suggestion each week on Instagram, keeping the new one hidden until the week it is revealed. This has been going on since January 2020. In the absence of Illustration Friday, I’m gonna jump in now.

The first word is “elephant,” and I’m trying a different style, too.

never forget



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