inktober 2016: week one

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inktober 2016 week one

“…and He Who Walks Behind The Rows did say, ‘I will send outlanders amongst you: a man and a woman. And these outlanders will be unbelievers and profaners of the holy.'”  — Isaac

Well, here we go again! Inktober is upon us. While other online artists are attempting the “one drawing per day” challenge, I, in my infinite and self-proclaimed laziness, will be doing one drawing per week. After all, I still participate in Illustration Friday (non-stop since 2007, I might add) and I do my weekly Dead Celebrity Spotlight, posted every Friday. So, you’ll just have to be satisfied with a weekly (or “weakly”) offering.

In keeping with the October/Hallowe’en theme I have done in years past, here is my Week One entry. It’s Isaac from the 1984 schlock horror film “Children of the Corn.”



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