IF: edge

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I see the edge. I look. I fall.
Do you even know what this is? Well? Do you?

There was a time when this was cutting edge technology. Once it appeared in offices, it was unimaginable that we ever did with out it. And if your office didn’t have one, well… you might as well have closed up shop, moved back to the cave and chiseled out your messages on a slab of rock.

And then, suddenly, this piece of standard office equipment was obsolete, running its course in just a few years. No further advancements were made in its technology. It was just sidestepped in favor of other — more efficient — methods of telecommunication.

Now it just sits. No need for a second designated phone line. It’s not even plugged in anymore. It just silently gathers dust. An object of curiosity from a time not so long ago.

Raise a final toast to this once-noble, state-of-the-art communication device. Oh, fax machine, we hardly knew ye.




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