IF: acrobat

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This week’s Illustration Friday challenge word is “acrobat”.
The band begins at ten to six/When Mr. K. performs his tricks without a sound/And Mr. H. will demonstrate/Ten somersets he'll undertake on solid ground
Vaudevillians Billy Wells and The Four Fays were booked to appear on the February 9, 1964 episode of the wildly popular Ed Sullivan Show. The group, who were introduced by Sullivan as performing their “unique brand of acrobatic physical comedy”, waited backstage, anxious to make their television debut.

Unfortunately for the tumbling troupe, a British musical group called The Beatles were also making their American television debut that night, scheduled just before Wells and The Four Fays’ performance.

(Incidentally, The Four Fays featured Jacqueline Jessica Anderson, mother of singer/dancer/choreographer Toni Basil. Toni sang the popular 1982 hit “Mickey”.)




  1. Love the drawing! I saw this TV programme and remember when mothers somewhat later decided that they did like the Beatles once they’d see the Stones. It’s a lovely historical irony that the poor Fab Fays were upstaged by a group which went on to be called ‘The Fab Four’.

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