IF: breakfast (part 2)

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This is my second illustration of three illustrations for the Illustration Friday word “breakfast”.  Here is the first one and here is the third.
the most important meal of the day
A month or so ago, WXPN‘s afternoon drive time DJ Dan Reed was coming out of a block of music and easing into a conversation with Lauren Valle who was about to give a rush-hour traffic report. The last song Dan played before the break was by neo-retro jammers Phish. As part of his regular banter with Lauren, Dan pointed out that the Phish tune boasted some “crunchy grooves”, and without skipping a beat, added that it sounded like “something my son would eat for breakfast”. A confused Lauren chuckled and proceeded with the traffic report. The conversation amused my wife and she asked me to create a box of Crunchy Grooves cereal for Dan. I did and I sent it to him. He got a kick out of it.




  1. I love it! Very original. It reminds me of when my daughter in grade 7 was asked to design a cereal box for school. She made “rum flavored” cereal for pirates. I should have done that for IF!

  2. holy moly!!! I just wrote all this stuff and then I forgot how to add and it’s all gone!!! this is great and I love when you work on sweet things…

    oh my last note was something along the lines of …you are on a roll …I mean rock and roll!!! and then I forget everything else I wrote!!!

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