IF: trail

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This week’s challenge word on Illustration Friday is “trail”.
With my knees in the saddle and seat in the sky/I'll quit punchin' cows in the sweet by and by

Ghost hunters, ghost seekers, paranormal investigators, ghost busters, ghost chasers. Whatever they wish to be called, they are always on the trail of a ghost.

They come armed with an arsenal of sophisticated hi-tech equipment like true infrared digital cameras, non-contact infrared thermometers, microlight red light flashlights and electrosensor electromagnetic field detector meters. Some like to go the spiritual route by carrying crystals and various other talismans. Still others follow the religious path wielding crosses, holy images and scripture. With their night vision goggles and ultra-sensitive recording and imaging devices, they seek a portal to the supernatural world to retrieve concrete evidence of ghosts. They face one huge obstacle, though.

There ain’t no fucking ghosts!




  1. Haha, nice work, I’ve got an oscilloscope at work that would be useful for detecting ghosts, if you leave it on you’ll see random spiky lines with occassional bigger spikes that are probably supernatural in origin.

  2. Hey Buster! Who ya gonna call? Are you telling us that ALL those celebrity Ghost stories are lies? GHost sightings, haunted house tours, haunted cities…etc. all lies? Oh Man…what can we believe anymore.

  3. I think its Funny as HELL how skeptical people are scared the most when they actually come face to face with “non existing” Spirits….I would LOVE for you to come on an Investigation with me to one of THEE most haunted sights in America….lets see if your a skeptic then. You would probably run screaming like a little bitch…hahahahahaha

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