IF: cocoon

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This week’s challenge word on the Illustration Friday website is “cocoon”.
No, I`m still Rael and I`m stuck in some kind of cave
I saw a cocoon
All wrinkled and drawn
Like a deep ocean prawn
From the shore of Rangoon

I poked the cocoon
It had a strange shape
Not unlike an ape
Or a hairy baboon

The cocoon I inspected
‘Twas webby and white
Layered thick and so tight
All predators deflected

For hours I stood
And watched the cocoon
Sunday afternoon
Would it stay there for good?

So, I left the cocoon
So shriveled and dried
Butterfly still inside
That the world would see soon.




  1. Beautiful drawing and lovely poem. I do, however, think that something ugly and evil is going to emerge from that cocoon! Too many hours spent watching Sci-Fi? Perhaps!!

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