Monday Artday: fire

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This week’s challenge on Monday Artday is “fire”.
You've been living like a little girl/In the middle of your little world/And your mind, your tiny mind/You know you've really been so blind/Now 's your time, burn your mind/You're falling far too far behind
Paula: “Stretch the dough a little bit, so it’s the right size for the rock.”
Frank (off-camera): “Are you gonna put right in the fire?”
Paula: “Right in the fire.”
Frank (off-camera): “Whoa!”
Paula: “Right on the rock.”
Frank (off-camera):  “Whoa! Look at that! Is it on fire? No! But, it’s on the hot rock.”

Riveting action! It has to be seen to be believed.




  1. It’s nice that you got to experience that through YouTube, because I doubt it is something you will ever try on your own – unless Disney opens up some sort of Wilderness Survival/Baking in the Woods seminar.

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