Monday Artday: old me

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The Monday Artday current challenge is “old me” .
(Do a self-portrait as you imagine you might look like when you are very old).
Well, I can't just call you MAN!
I imagine this is how I will look approximately eighty years after the picture on the wall.




  1. Dear Josh, after careful consideration, and reflection on the past 25 years of wedded bliss, I feel that I might have to continue to excessively moisturize, wear lots of make-up, indulge myself wth lavish hair care products, and treat myself to regular manicures so that I will continue to attract your attention! I would hate to have to pursue other companionship when clearly you will continue to be the best catch ever!

  2. Is that an adult diaper in your pants or are you just so happy to be walking that you crapped yourself?

    Here’s hoping we’ll still both be alive, kicking and screaming when we’re this age. Great stuff, Josh!

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