IMT: the lost art of letter writing

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The inspiration this week on the Inspire Me Thursday blog is “the lost art of letter writing”.
got a box full of letters think you might like to read

February 6, 1964

Dear Pete,

Hello, bloke. How’ve you been? I know it’s been about a fortnight since you went to visit your mum. (How is the old bird, by the by?) We haven’t been able to talk to you about some important things in the band. We been invited by a man called Ed Sullivan to appear on the telly in America. He’s got this gear programme and he asked Brian if we’d like to play for an American audience. Of course, Brian said “Brilliant!” It’s really smashing!

Hey, remember that geezer called Ringo what drums for Rory Storm and The Hurricanes? Well, he was kind enough to join us on the trip to America when we couldn’t track you down. We rang up your mum, but she said you borrowed the lorry to pop into town for a pack of fags. She said you wouldn’t be gone but a pinch. I guess in all the excitement, I forgot all about ringing you back. Anyways, we had to make a quick decision and Paul and George thought Ringo could go. I know he’s not a proper drummer, but we were in a bit of a pickle.

Don’t worry, Pete. I’m sure this trip won’t amount to much and we’ll be back gigging the Cavern soon. See you when we get back. We won’t forget about you.

Your mate,





  1. Isn’t that very letter in the Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame? Poor Pete. Of course, after I’m sure he’s happy he didn’t join the group. John got murdered, George died of cancer, Paul got taken to the bank by a golddigger, and Ringo is, well, Ringo.

    Nice illo!

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