Monday Artday: doofus

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The Monday Artday challenge this week is “doofus”. That’s right… doofus.
hey stoopid!
I have been taking the train to work for the past two years. The train experience is very interesting. I never realized how many certified doofuses take public transportation.
There’s the “I gotta get on the train first” guy. This doofus is a grown man in a business suit who inches his way along the platform as the train slows to a stop. He aligns himself with the open door and he MUST BE THE FIRST ONE ON THE TRAIN! FIRST ONE!
There’s “Creepy knit hat I got bodies in my freezer” guy. This doofus wears a dirty windbreaker, zipped up no matter what the weather. He looks like he hasn’t bathed in years. Is that his neighbor’s or family member’s blood I see staining his jacket?
Then there’s “Staring squinty” guy. This doofus stares at my son and me as we wait for the train each morning. He checks the posted schedule with his eyes as slits then widens them to inquisitive orbs and stares at us until the train comes.
Don’t forget “What decade is this?” girl. This doofus (doofette?) is late every morning, arriving just as the train pulls into the station. She hurries up the platform steps, obviously having just dressed at a Grateful Dead concert circa 1968. She wears several blouses of similar sheer material and swirly patterns along with a tight denim skirt and bright colored tights. And nothing matches.

I’m sure they’re writing the same things about me on their blogs.




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