IMT: spice

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The word of inspiration this week on is “spice”.
let's groove tonight
Pierre St. Pierre de la Coriander Voss
In a remote little spot
Of downtown Paree
Sits a tiny quaint bistro
Know as “O C’est la Vie”

The chef at this place
Is renowned for his sauce
An ambrosial concoction
From Pierre St. Pierre de la Coriander Voss

In a big copper pot
Pierre mixes away
A secretive blend
Of thyme caraway

And dill weed and dill seed
And fennel and salt
And six cryptic spices
He keeps locked in a vault

He added some marjoram
Summer savory and myrrh
Spoonfuls of meadowsweet
And gave it a stir

From a few fat tomatoes
And zucchini cut ‘cross
With lemongrass sprinkles
Pierre created the sauce

He pinched, shook and drizzled
Poured, spooned and doled
Handfuls of Roquefort cheese
Minus the mold

Endless simmering later
In the big copper pan
Pierre chucked the whole mess
And opened a can.




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