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The illustrationfriday.com challange this week is “late”.
You're staring at me/With suspicion in your eye/You say what game are you playing?/What's this that you're saying?/I know that I can't reply/If I take you tonight/Is it making my life a lie?/Oh you make me wonder/Did I live my life alright?
Roger was about to become “the late” Roger.




  1. Hi Josh!!

    Thanks for popping by and saying hello….We celebrate Thanksgiving a month early here…and have July 1st as Canada Day and Hallowe’en is on the 31st heheheheeh

    I am thrilled to have found your blog…you have a very unique style….

    and you are so right about the first fembot….I used to watch that show…what a riot….

    Well I am adding your blog so I can pop by more often and see what you create…

    Have a wonderful day…


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