Monday Artday: 1 character, 4 panels

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The challenge on Monday Artday this week is “1 character, 4 panels”.
What're you lookin' at, you hockey puck?
This challenge was posted on August 4 as a two-week challenge because the person who mantains the Monday Artday illustration blog was going on vacation. So was I.
So, I’m walking across Harbor Boulevard in Anaheim, California, with Pudge’s Mom and Captain Wow. We were headed to Disneyland. While walking through the tram and bus loading area, I asked them for suggestions for the challenge. Pudge’s Mom says, “How about a strip of photos from a photo booth.” Captain Wow, at the same time, says, “Ha! You should draw Mr. Potato Head!”
Instead of doing two drawings, I combined both ideas because I’m lazy.




  1. How spuderly delicious!! I especially like the way Mr Potato’s Head is mashed into the panels. Get it? Mashed??? Oh I could just fry from myself! I am so funny!!

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