IF: sail

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The challenge word this week on illustrationfriday.com is “sail”.
Life goes on day after day/Hearts torn in every way
In Greek mythology, Charon is the ferryman of the dead. The souls of the deceased are brought to him by Hermes, and Charon ferries them across the river Styx, to Hades. The fee for his service was a single obolos coin which was placed in the mouth of a corpse at burial. Those who cannot afford the passage, or are not admitted to Hades by Charon, are doomed to wander on the banks of the Styx for a hundred years.

And then the ferryman said,
“There is trouble ahead,
So you must pay me now,” – “Don’t do it!”
“You must pay me now,” – “Don’t do it!”
And still that voice came from beyond,
“Whatever you do,

Don’t pay the ferryman,
Don’t even fix a price,
Don’t pay the ferryman,
Until he gets you to the other side;




  1. Although ‘creepy’ this is a beautiful drawing. The usual kudos on the lines, but this week I am admiring the shapes you create: the oars, the arms and the general sweep of the lines. We had rain for 3 days here and I think some people trying to commute into work through the floods thought they were crossing said river!

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