Monday Artday: war

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The challenge word this week on Monday Artday is “war”.
Generals and Majors always seem so unhappy 'less they got a war
Ashton Kutcher on “punk’d“, the missing December 7, 1941 episode:
“Dude, we are totally going to set up Admiral Husband Kimmel and Lt. General Walter Short. These two dudes are the two senior military commanders in Hawaii. Our accomplices are President Franklin Roosevelt, the US Military and we even got the Empire of Japan to play along. We are totally going to withhold information of an impending attack on Pearl Harbor. Dude, everyone knows about it, except the Admiral and the Lt. General! For, like, months now, we have been breaking codes and intercepting Japanese radio transmissions. We have tons of vital information that would be so useful if you were in charge of a US military installation, but we are keeping the two commanding officers in the friggin’ dark! This is gonna be awesome! And … wait! wait!….when it’s all over, these dudes will be tried in court for negligence of duty and stripped of their ranks and forced into retirement. Dude! Their families will fight to clear their names long after they are dead! Presidents Nixon, Reagan, Bush and Clinton will all totally ignore their families’ request for posthumous rank reinstatement. This will be the best punk’d yet!”




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