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The challenge on illustrationfriday.com this week is “extreme“.
in the name of the father, the son and the holy grind
Here is the thought process for how I arrived at this illustration. When I first saw the word “extreme“, I thought “skateboarding“. I have never been on a skateboard and I am only familiar with it from seeing kids in the neighborhood, Tony Hawk on TV and the ESPN XGames. I do know that skateboarding falls into the category of “extreme sports“. So, I searched on Yahoo and Google, where I found and printed out some pictures of skateboarders performing some stunts and tricks. Then, I started doing some sketches on scrap paper of skateboarding characters. I kept drawing the same pose, with the board up in the air and the figure off to the right side. Suddenly, that twisted sense that lives in my brain surfaced. That twisted sense that makes me draw Red Riding Hood being eaten, rats running around a restaurant, a guy juggling a baby and a little girl with a “tramp stamp“.
Jesus,” it said, “Make it Jesus on a skateboard! How much more extreme could you get!?!”
“Sure,” I thought”, it works on a few levels. I have the extreme reference to skateboarding and I have the extreme absurdity of Jesus on a skateboard.”
I’ll consider this my fakie through a half-pipe!




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