Monday Artday: envision

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This week’s word at Monday Artday was a difficult one…. “envision“. I really thought about this one for a long time. Envision is a pretty abstract word. It brings forth thoughts of visionaries like Thomas Edison or Walt Disney. It envokes thinkers like DaVinci and Plato. Great men. Men with ideas and concepts far beyond their times.

i'll fill this in later.....

Then I thought, “What do lazy people envision?”

A “tip of the hat” for style inspiration to R. Crumb and jimmyjanesays.
Two illustrators whose penwork I admire.





  1. Let my inspiration flow
    in token lines suggesting rhythm
    that will not forsake me
    till my tale is told and done

    Inspiration, move me brightly
    light the song with sense and color,
    hold away despair
    More than this I will not ask
    faced with mysteries dark and vast
    statements just seem vain at last
    some rise, some fall, some climb
    to get to Terrapin

  2. Hey man, you rock my world, that was great and I didn’t even notice the R Crumb influence until you noticed it but sick!
    Just thought I’d throw that out there.
    I went from back to front with your stuff by the way, so this might see a little weird to comment on this specifically…..keep it up

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