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The weekly challenge at illustrationfriday.com is “suit

Grab can, lift arm, stack can, turn around

I have been working as a professional artist, in one capacity or another, for almost 25 years. In that time, at every job I have ever had, there are guys in suits. They are very far removed from the end result of what the business produces. Yet, as far as they are from the day-to-day work process, they always have the perfect solution for making things work better. Mostly, their suggestions (or demands) are so insignificant, that it seems they are merely justifing their presence. It is the employees doing the actual work that keep a business running. It is the job of the “suits” to fuck things up.

This is dedicated to the people who actually work. You know who you are. Um…. no…. not you.

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  1. I guess this is true for every job in the world! There’s always some “expert” who has never done the job or wouldn’t have a clue how to begin the job that seems to know more than the rest of us that actually do it daily. Love this illustration, and your name is cracking me up!

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