inktober52: bubbles

Norma Zimmer wanted to become a violinist, but her father, a violin teacher, told her that her hands were too small to properly handle the instrument. Disappointed, she perused a career as a vocalist instead. While singing in her local Idaho church choir, Norma was approached by a visiting guest singer to travel to California …

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inktober52: train

Casey Jones, a respected engineer with the Memphis-based Illinois Central Railroad, was a risk taker. His trains were often on-schedule, though his methods to keep that schedule were questionable. A number of citations for various rules infractions were issued to Casey and he totaled suspensions for well over one hundred days, but none of those …

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inktober52: yellow

22-year old Lena Nyman played 22-year old “Lena Nyman” in the controversial 1966 film I Am Curious (Yellow), as well as its companion piece I Am Curious (Blue). The film was held up by US Customs while an investigation was conducted to determine if it was to be classified as “pornography” under the current strict …

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inktober52: blue

I’ve done several illustrations over the years for the word “blue” and they’ve taken varied forms. There’s this one of Pablo Picasso that I did back in 2007. In 2018, I did this abstract composition. For this week’s Inktober 52, I went the abstract route again, but more of a minimalist take.

inktober52: red

I first became familiar with Red Skelton when I was a kid. My family, like most families across the country, watched Red Skelton’s variety show every Tuesday night. I didn’t know who Red Skelton was or why he had such an unusual first name, but my parents watched, therefore I watched it too. Red had …

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