DCS: david mixner

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June is Pride Month.

David Mixner spent his entire life fighting for what was right.

In the 1960s, as a college student, he opposed the war in Vietnam. He organized a campus-wide protest against a speech delivered by General William Westmoreland.

He took his protest to the 1968 Democratic Convention where he was allegedly beaten by police outside the convention center. However, the following year, he was invited to join the Delegate Selection Committee, possibly with the help of his new friend Senator Ted Kennedy.

In 1978, David focused on defeating California’s notorious “Propostion 6,” which would ban homosexuals from becoming teachers. Through protests and demonstrations and the help of San Francisco City Councilman Harvey Milk, Proposition 6 was handily defeated by over a million votes.

David worked closely with Bill Clinton on his campaign for president, especially favoring the candidate’s position on gays in the military. But their friendship was strained after the newly-elected Clinton backpedaled on his promises and introduced the less-than-favorable “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” policy. David and Clinton never spoke again.

In the 21st century, David turned to performance pieces, He wrote a politically-charged trilogy that was produced and performed in New York City. With positive reviews, the shows were often staged as a source for fundraising for LGBTQ causes.

David contracted long-term COVID and passed away in November 2024 at the age of 77.




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