DCS: haji

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Using a nickname “Haji” given to her as child, the former Barbarella Catton worked as a topless dancer in her native Quebec, Canada at the age of 14. She was recruited by notorious sexploitation director Russ Meyer and in 1965, Haji made her film debut as “Rosie” in the campy cult classic Faster Pussycat! Kill! Kill! Haji joined the ranks of Meyers’ stock players and appeared in several more films for the director, including Motorpsycho, Supervixens, Good Morning and… Goodbye! and Beyond the Valley of the Dolls. Haji worked with other directors in the genre, even expanding her acting credibility with a role in John Cassavetes’ thriller The Killing of a Chinese Bookie in 1976.

Haji reunited with Meyer and his muse Kitten Natividad in the 2001 erotic spoof The Double-D Avenger playing evil exotic dancer “Hydra Heffer.” After one more film — 2003’s imaginatively titled Killer Drag Queens on Dope costarring Alexis Arquette (credited as “Eva Destruction”) and Lawrence Hilton-Jacobs — Haji retired from the screen. She returned to dancing until her death in 2013 at the age of 67.

Although she never married, Haji had a daughter, Cerlette Lammé. Cerlette, a professional ice skater, had a long-term romantic relationship with actor Kelsey Grammer.



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