DCS: sergio vega

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After performing with his brothers in a traditional Latin music group, Sergio Vega branched out as a solo act in 1994. An accomplished singer and accompanist on the bajo sexto, Sergio turned his musical focus to the Narcocorrido musical sub-genre, a style of narrative ballad that glorifies the world of drug smuggling, trafficking and other related illegal activities.

On June 26, 2010, Sergio gave an interview to a Mexican entertainment website, dispelling rumors that he was murdered by a drug cartel. He laughed off the accusations and went on to talk about his upcoming concert that evening. He did, however, mention that security surrounding him and his entourage had been increased. He left the interview in his red Cadillac, headed to the scheduled concert.

While driving just a few hours later, gunmen in a passing truck opened fire on Sergio’s car, hitting him and his passenger in the head and chest at close range. Investigation determined he had been shot more than 30 times. Sergio was 40 years old.



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