DCS: cindy morgan

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As a student at Northern Illinois University, Cynthia Ann Cichorski took DJ duties at the campus radio station. She parlayed her communications degree as a reporter for a local radio station using the more “radio-friendly name “Morgan.”

After graduation, Cindy worked as the on-air weather forecaster at a Rockford TV station. Eventually, she made her way to Los Angeles, where her good looks landed her a stint as the “Irish Spring Girl” in a series of commercials.

In 1980, Cindy made her film debut in the raucous comedy Caddyshack. Cindy played “Lacy Underall,” the promiscuous niece of Ted Knight’s “Judge Smails” character. Two years later, she co-starred in Disney’s Tron, the first computer-generated film and future cult classic. Cindy made dozens of guest appearances on episodic television, as well as a regular role in later seasons of the nighttime soap opera Falcon Crest. Although she did not appear in the 2010 sequel to Tron, she participated in some promotion¬† for the film with co-star Bruce Boxleitner.

Out of the spotlight for years, Cindy lived modestly with a roommate in Lake Worth Beach, Florida. On December 30, 2023, Cindy’s roommate returned home after a holiday trip. She smelled a “strong odor” coming from Cindy’s bedroom. She knocked on the door and received no answer. Worried, Cindy’s roommate called the local sheriff’s office. When law enforcement opened Cindy’s bedroom door, they found the actress dead. It was estimated that she had died several days earlier. Cindy was 69 years old.

On December 17, 2023, Cindy posted an unusual message the social media platform “X.” She refenced a call she received from a man claiming to be her agent. She also seemed to be concerned for her own safety and for her future living arrangements.

No additional information has been made public. Cindy’s death was determined to be from natural causes.




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