DCS: sticky vicky

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Victoria María Aragüés Gadea studied classical ballet for fifteen years, eventually performing on stages in and around her native Barcelona. Victoria had a sort of novelty act with her sister, a contortionist.

After the death of dictator Francisco Franco, Spain began to relax its strict laws on the sexual explicity of entertainment. Victoria, ready to push the envelope and explore new avenues, took the advice of a magician friend and introduced “magic” into her act. Specific kind of magic…

Victoria began performing in Barcelona cabarets to the delight of audiences. She appeared nude on stage and her unique magic act included extracting various objects from her vagina. After slowly undressing to musical accompaniment, Victoria would lie back and begin removing small items from her vagina. First ping pong balls, eggs and handkerchiefs. As the act progressed, she worked her way up to razor blades and machetes and eventually, a lit light bulb. For her grand finale, Victoria would open a bottle of beer using her vagina. Audiences would offer overwhelming approval.

Victoria never considered her performances to be “pornographic.” She insisted her act was “delicate” and “classy.” She earned herself the nickname “Sticky Vicky.” When her reputation grew and spread, she sued another performer with a similar act for using the name “Sticky Vicky” and soon trademarked the moniker to avoid further confusion.

A hip operation sidelined Vicky in 2015 and her act went on hiatus. In 2016, Vicky was diagnosed with uterine cancer and she stepped out of the spotlight. Her daughter confirmed that Vicky had succumbed to cancer in November 2023 at the age of 80.




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