inktober52: power

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This is Sabrina Ellis.

Sabrina is a ridiculously talented singer-songwriter-musician-dancer-performer from Austin, Texas.  They are the singer for several bands, including Sweet Spirit and A Giant Dog.  While performing with their bands, they are a bundle of pure energy. Jumping, dancing, twirling, singing, writhing — non-stop!

The first time I saw A Giant Dog was at a small club in Philadelphia. My son introduced me to Sabrina and they were kind enough to put me on the guest list for the show. Every time I saw Sabrina after that, they were sweet and friendly and even a little shy… in direct contrast to their on-stage persona.

Sabrina was the last person I hugged in public prior to the world shutting down for the COVID-19 pandemic.

This is Sabrina Ellis. And they’ve got the power.



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