happy holidays from JPiC 2020

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It’s that time again… whether you like it or not.

My annual Christmas music compilation is available as a FREE DOWNLOAD at ge.tt for a limited time. This year, it’s a whopping 91 minutes of pure Christmas cacophony sure to ruin your holiday before your relatives do. Why not take the risk? After all, it’s free, so what have you got to lose? Hey, there may even be a song or two that you can actually tolerate. (No guarantees.)

You get twenty-nine eclectic Christmas selections featuring a hand-picked mix (from my hands) of songs from artists you love, artists you hate, artists you never heard of and artists you hope you’ll never hear from again. (Just a little warning… some of these songs contain words that’ll put you on Santa’s “Naughty List,” so please exercise caution when listening around those little, easily corruptible members of the Christmas-celebrating family.) These holiday tunes run the gamut from weird to really weird to excruciating — plus there’s a custom, full-color cover with track listings – all for you and all for FREE! (That’s right! FREE!)

Just click the download link below (or ask your grandchildren how to do it) and you’ll be on your way to minimal holiday fun.

(Please contact me if you have trouble with the download.)

we wish you a happy something or other



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