DCS: rosemary dexter

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Rosemary Dexter had absolutely no aspiration to become an actress. On a vacation in Rome in 1963, the pretty nineteen year-old met Italian director Ugo Gregoretti. He was taken with Rosemary and cast her in a featured role in his science-fiction film Omicron. Whether she liked it or not, Rosemary’s film career was officially launched. She appeared in mostly uncredited roles in both Italian and American films, but her dark and mysterious looks always made her stand out on the screen.

Rosemary worked with “spaghetti Western” icon Sergio Leone in For a Few Dollars More and appeared in the epic The Shoes of the Fisherman as David Janssen‘s mistress. She even portrayed “Juliet” in a version of the Shakespeare play produced for Italian cinema. In 1975, Rosemary graced the cover of Playboy magazine. However, the following year, she abruptly retired from the screen.

Rosemary lived in relative seclusion in an apartment in Recanati, Italy, venturing out only for an occasional visit and errands. After missing an appointment with a friend, Rosemary was found dead in her apartment. Coroner’s reports estimated she had died two days earlier. Rosemary had been suffering from a long-term, yet undisclosed, illness. She was 66 years old.



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