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pack your bags, we'll leave tonight

I knew a few Eddie Money songs, but I would not consider myself a fan. He was just another average, innocuous singer on the radio… like Huey Lewis or Bob Seger. Eddie Money was one of those singers that made me think “every singer is someone’s favorite singer.”

I remember regularly hearing “Two Tickets to Paradise” on the radio all through my junior year of high school. The ubiquitous tune was the follow-up single of “Baby Hold On” which was released just a few months earlier. Both songs were from Eddie Money’s self-titled debut album. Soon, more Eddie Money songs were infiltrating the airwaves, including “Maybe I’m a Fool” and “Gimme Some Water” from his sophomore effort. Obviously a good sport, he appeared on The Howard Stern Show, happily parodying “Two Tickets to Paradise” at the height of his popularity.

But soon, Eddie Money’s popularity began to wane. He made a minor comeback with “Take Me Home Tonight,” which actually became more of a comeback for one-time girl group icon Ronnie Spector. But, Eddie never gave up on his career. He released a dozen albums and continued to tour, even if the venues weren’t as big as those early in his career.

In August 2019, during a routine check-up, Eddie was diagnosed with stage 4 esophageal cancer. He succumbed to the disease a month later at the age of 70.



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