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dap queen

I saw Sharon Jones and her band, The Dap Kings, at one of the last Appel Farm Music and Arts Festivals in Salem County, New Jersey. Despite blistering hot temperatures, Sharon and her nattily-dressed rhythm ensemble brought the crowd to its feet with its infectious funk. Sharon’s powerful and soulful voice soared and filled the stage and blasted through the parched field that served as the venue. During the course of the set, Sharon lost her balance – possibly tripping over a stray guitar or amplifier cable – and fell flat on her ass. Without missing a beat and without interruption in her song, Sharon stood up and continued performing.

That summed up Sharon Jones to a T. She kept getting back up when something knocked her down.

Sadly, Sharon passed away in November 2016 at the age of 60 after a long, tough battle with cancer.



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