IF: suspend

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This week’s Illustration Friday challenge word is “suspend”.
'Cause all I wanna be is the minute that you hold me in/When you pretend that I'm all that you waited for/Time slips to nothin' and I'm better than I've ever been
Suspended high above the city, Spiderman realized he should have topped off his web shooters before he left home.




  1. I very nearly did Spiderman myself!… but he only got as far as a thumbnail.. I like the way the background makes me a bit disconcerted, while Spidey hasn’t a care in the world…
    nice contrast.

    I’d never make it as a superhero.

  2. Just watched the movie last weekend, and I was thinking about this exact thing! I’m pretty sure those web-gloves wouldn’t be supplied for extremely lengthy trips…. and that could just stink.

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