IMT: Mademoiselle Caroline Rivière

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This week’s inspiration on the Inspire Me Thursday website is an unusual one. The challenge is to create one’s own take on the painting “Mademoiselle Caroline Rivière” by French Neoclassical artist Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres.
I don't know what the artist got for that painting, but he should've got life!

So, I forced the most painterly strokes I could from my Prismacolor markers and did the closest thing I’ve done to a “painting” since art school.

Here’s Ingres’ 1806 original that currently hangs in The Louvre in Paris.
Of course I am French. What do you think I am speaking with this outrageous accent!




  1. Nice rendition. Did you do any research into the history of the original? I would like to know, for example, why the hell is she wearing those awful brown gloves? They look like gloves that a farmer would wear to birth a baby cow!

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