Monday Artday: mad tea party

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The current challenge on Monday Artday is “mad tea party”.
one of these days I'm gonna dance with the king of Sweden
This could have been avoided if they would have just let Alice have a cup of tea.
Just one lousy cup of tea.




  1. hahahahahahaahhahahah….I am laughing so loud that it is a good thing everyone is out…lol…..I think you are a riot….we are so opposite with our artwork….this is so darn funny!!! I am peeing myself…laughing…..not at your work…because it is great,…..but at your comment on my blog….

    How did I know your Alice would look like this and my Alice would look like THIS?

    you always make my day with your wit!!! and your positive outlook on everything…hehehehe…..

    and thanks for the great laugh today…

    great illo !!!!

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