Monday Artday: cephalopod

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The Monday Artday challenge word this week is “cephalopod”. 

cephalopod (sĕf’ə-lə-pŏd’) n. Any of various marine mollusks, such as the octopus, squid, cuttlefish, or nautilus, having a large head, large eyes, prehensile tentacles, and, in most species, an ink sac containing a dark fluid used for protection or defense.

I was inspired to write a poem to accompany my illustration. (Actually, I wrote the poem first.)
we would be so happy, you and me, no one there to tell us what to do
Joey the Squid
Never been to Madrid
But Tulsa was where he was born
Joey the Squid
On that Mid-Western grid
His ancestral lineage was sworn

Joey the Squid
Had a brother, he did
A cephalopod with the sobriquet Max
Joey the Squid
In his shadow he hid
Shamed by the repute that he lacks

Joey the Squid
By Max was outdid
So dejected he slunk away sad
Joey the Squid
In his last futile bid
Would show Max that he was no cad

Joey the Squid
An unusual kid
Ascended high over the crowd
Joey the Squid
Fumed, yes he did
And he swore he would make himself proud

Joey the Squid
Of his sibling was rid
And his pride swelled and soared like a jet
But Joey the Squid
Oh dear Heaven forbid
Got caught in a fisherman’s net




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