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The challenge on illustrationfriday.com this week is “wide”.
Shut up bitch. Go fix me a turkey pot pie.
Well, we’re gettin’ a doublewide. I almos’ got enough Marlboro Miles saved up, soon as Billy Ray starts smokin’ more. C’mon y’ lazy shit!
We’re tryin’ t’ get little Britney t’ help, but she’s always cryin’ so much that th’ cigarette won’t stay in her yap!
Jerry Lee! Get the fuck out from under th’ house! Jesus H. Christ! If’n I gotta tell you agin, I’m gonna beat yer goddamn ass raw!
Kids! Oh yeah, we’re havin’ ‘nother one soon. Gonna name ‘er “Hannah Montana”.

Click HERE to hear the Southern Culture on the Skids’ ode to trailer park “Doublewide”, from their album “Mojo Box.




  1. “Hey, Eudina, I gots me an idear! Let’s park this here doublewide right in the track o’ that tornado! Hot dog! The salesguy says this here’s the finest trailer home ever. Ain’t nuttin’ gonna tear it apart! We’ll be dang safe. Now, get me a beer and turn on the Nascar! Got’s to see ole’ number 31 take first agin’!”

    Nice illustration and inspiration, JPiC!

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