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The illustrationfriday.com challenge this week is “plain“.
ach yah vunst
It is the practice of the Amish that men typically wear dark-colored trousers and a dark vest or coat, suspenders, broad-rimmed straw hats in the warmer months, and black felt hats in the colder months. Single Amish men are clean-shaven. If they are available to court women, they will put a dent in their hat. Married men grow a beard. Moustaches are not allowed, because they are associated with the military.
Women wear calf-length plain-cut dresses in a solid color, such as blue or black. Aprons are often worn at home, usually in white or black, and are always worn when attending church. A cape, which consists of a triangular piece of cloth, is usually worn, beginning around the teenage years, and pinned into the apron. In the colder months, a long woollen cloak is sported. Heavy bonnets are worn over the prayer coverings when Amish women are out in cold weather.
Some Amish groups prohibit buttons, allowing only hooks and eyes to keep clothing closed. The restriction on buttons is attributed in part to their potential for serving as opportunities for vain display. Straight-pins are often used to hold articles of clothing together. Clothing should not call attention to the wearer by cut, color, or any other feature. In all things, the concern is “plainness”.
The “plain” tradition carries on to funerals, which are conducted in the home without a eulogy, flower decorations, or other display. The casket is plain, without any adornment.




  1. I remember going to see the Amish as a kid with my family. We’d drive up to Lancaster, get stuck behind horse-drawn buggies, check out the farms, watch the Amish people plow the fields, as if it were a “Amish people zoo”. It was very surreal. Then we’d come back to South Philly and get stuck behind old ladies driving Lincoln Towne cars, watch the Italian people yell about their neighbors behind their backs. It was home.

    Love the drawing!! Great post.

  2. I love the moodiness of this, Josh.

    I would like to see that blue under the man’s beard repeated elsewhere in the background to heighten that mood even. (and it would distract from the man having the splash of color that way too, to go with the informational bit)

    Dig the new layout too!

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