IF: the zoo…. again

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The challenge word this week on illustrationfriday.com is “the zoo“.
Orangutans are skeptical/Of changes in their cages
Upon seeing the word “zoo”, my first thought was an old joke. A guy works at the circus for ten years. His job is following the elephants around, sweeping up their shit. All day, every day, for ten years, all this guy does, is sweep up elephant shit. One day, his friend says to him, “Man you ought to think about changing jobs!” He answers “What?!? And leave show business?!”
I find it amusing that the two illustrations I did for the same word are both related to old jokes. Actually, I find everything amusing.

(The word “zoo” was the challenge word on Monday Artday in the beginning of October 2007. Here is the illustration I did then.)




  1. This is amusing. Sometimes I feel like that’s all I do at work anyway. You know how agencies are… constantly sweeping up after someone who makes a mess. Usually the account executives. 🙂

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