Portrait Swap 3: the final chapter

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I did another portrait swap, although I think this will be my last. This one was with a very talented artist from Indiana named Kim. Check out her work at her blog HERE.
Kim did a beautiful drawing of me in her sketchbook.
JPiC actually crying!
She sent me a link to her flickr album and let me choose a photo from which to draw her portrait. I chose the photo that shows her expression as “I’m gonna kick your ass!”

oh, I'll DRAW you.....
At least my portrait swap experience will end on a high note.




  1. hey Josh…you do really nice portraits, and I’d say if you had fun doing it before that ‘incident” then I’d continue. Sometimes emails or blog posts come across with an implied ‘tone’ that makes us look bad. I’m sure you didn’t mean to offend anyone. No wonder you’re crying!

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