Monday Artday: heaven

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 The Monday Artday challenge this week is “heaven”……

Ooh, baby, do you know what that's worth?

The concept of heaven means different things to different people. I really never gave much thought to it, as I always found it very strange. I guess it is supposed to be the place you hope to go, after you die, to spend all eternity…. if you were a good person during your time on earth.  I see that as philosophical baloney. However, if such a place exists, and we are presented with an individually-tailored scenario, I would spend my afterlife surrounded by pizza, ice cream, Oreos and a TV showing an endless “Andy Griffith Show” marathon (minus the Warren Ferguson episodes and the ones with Ken Berry).




  1. I am kind of on the fence with this… sometimes, the Andy Griffith marathon would be very comforting and heavenly. Other times, it would be absolute torture. I can’t explain the difference. Anyway, you are stocked up for a long time… great concept!

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