IF: gone fishing

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If I had a boat/I'd go out on the ocean/And if I had a pony/I'd ride him on my boat

The Illustration Friday suggested topic this week is a bit strange. Although the website currently displays last week’s word “spark,” the actual topic is “gone fishing.” It seems that the guy who changes the weekly topic went on a week-long fishing trip and didn’t tell anybody the password or codeword or whatever to make the change…. and I quote:

Why hasn’t the weekly topic changed!? Well…

and I don’t have the keys to change the official topic. But that won’t get in my way. Read on.

Thomas James has gone fishing, on a much needed and much deserved week off from his fast-paced freelance life. That means a week off from a ringing cell phone, and a week off from our weekly topic.

That also means he won’t see this post until he gets back. So let’s have some fun, shall we?

If you’re like me and want to keep your Friday creative flow, use this as your topic:

And to sweeten the pot, whoever does the best job of including a likeness of Thomas (on the left above) into your image will get a free copy of my new art book when it prints next month.

So this is my interpretation of the photo above. I don’t care if I win the book.



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