IMT: handmade holidays

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This week’s inspiration at the¬†Inspire Me Thursday website¬†is “handmade holidays”.
...and to all a good night
I have been creating a holiday card every year for almost thirty years. Here is my card for this year.

Hey Everyone! My annual compilation of eclectic Christmas music is now available!
That’s right! 23 songs (and a bonus track) plus a custom color cover in PDF format to print,
all convenietly zipped and ready for FREE DOWNLOAD !
Just click HERE and let the holiday fun begin!




  1. Hi Josh!!! I guess it is safe to pop in…lol….

    Thanks for the e-mail….and how cool…I have created my cards for years too!!! it is so much fun and something that we as illustrators and artists are expected to create…I could never purchase a card…unless it was one with my work on it….lol….

    Wonderful work!!!

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